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The Running Girl

Coming this summer - "She Shoots - She Scores" - the Jackie Stiles biography!

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Elmira Star-Gazette

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Jim Fairbrother's web site - Educational Software.

This is some old software for learning foreign languages. I originally wrote it for the Amiga computer, but it works on the PC - sort of. The computer graphics were cutting edge in 1990. Now, only a few years later, and this artwork, that I labored and slaved and fussed over for weeks (each picture), pasting pixel by painstaking pixel, making a 320 x 200, 16-colors (better choose them carefully - for example how can you bring a supermarket to life with only 16 colors?) working 4 weeks at night, while my wife is trying to drag, lure, harass, entice me away from the computer, four weeks for one halfway-decent graphic (of course, only partly finished, it resembled something from an art museum (to me), and I imagined I was looking at Michelangelo II when I was shaving in the morning)

Theresa the tattoo magician also created (she taught herself to use the computer, starting with the Deluxe Paint software on the Amiga in 1989 - yes, that was 4 years BEFORE Bill Gates decided to tag along after everyone else had already created the multimedia revolution). But now, a few short years after it was hailed as incredible and cutting edge, this artwork, this slightly less than Sistine-Chapel quality painting magic, is *now* unacceptable! Too "pixelated," they say. :-( Who are they to judge? Who are they?

Did anyone even dream of this stuff back in the 1950's? That everyone would have an entire office in his computer? While in the 1950's, I was so happy that my dad got me, for $12 (I paid for it, after he gave me the allowance, of course, but I saved for weeks and months.) Anyway he got this flat wooden box with semi-permanent gel in it, that you could reproduce (make copies) of one sheet of paper. You put the paper in the gel, for 10 minutes, then you removed it, then you tamped down fresh sheets of paper in the gel to make copies. Then if you wanted to make a copy of something else, you had to wait for the ink to settle below the surface of the gel, until it was clear again (several hours). We (me, my sister and Lousie McCauley from across the street) produced a neighborhood newspaper using this gel-box (and carbon paper in the typewriter (the gel-box only accepted a certain type of carbon-copy paper). The neighborhood newspaper heralded birthdays and kids getting prizes and awards, but mostly spread gossip and rumors, (an imitation of the big boy newspaper). We called it "The Friday Express." It had 4 pages, two 8-1/2 by 11's, folded over. We sold it for 3 cents.

But now - that has to be like the Stone Age to people who grew up in the 1980's, or even the 1970's. Can you imagine going through all that work to get a single copy of one sheet of paper - the typewriter, the carbon paper, the gel-box, etc.? Can you imagine anyone believing, then, what my Q-Tek cell phone can do now? Send SMS messages to my friends in Russia, even while the stodgy old Star-Gazette's and Associated Press are trapped in the 1950's, still trying to warn their remaining readers about the bad Russkies, barking like an old watchdog that can't understand that we don't need it anymore, we can reach out touch, anyone, anywhere, anytime.

(Anyone know a good artist? I mean, a good computer artist? No, I mean a good computer artists who will work for meals :-) )

If you want a copy of anything (software), let me know and I will send it gratis.

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